Art imposes nothingness and challenges the mundane.
— Teneille Craig

To live with the conviction to create takes a predestined strength, passion is simply not enough. For Teneille Craig, this sensibility to create fosters a sense of rebellion that fuels her to, "go against what [the] eyes perceive to be boring”. Propelled to push the culture forward, the Brooklyn born designer effortlessly submerges herself in full pursuit of her destiny by lending her art to every expression of creativity. With an intrinsic detachment from fear, defying these odds is what ultimately connects Teneille to design. Becoming a teen mom to her son Yung was one of many inspirations that steered Teneille to look at life through a grander lens. Teneille became motivated to teach her son the understanding that there was nothing incapable of achieving. Powered by triumph, innovation and seeing life through her soul, she remains connected to her purpose. After wearing several creative hats, the self taught artist studied Advertising and Marketing Communications and embarked on a career in Digital Media.

Teneille’s personality is that of a spirit warrior who lives abundantly in her gifts. This same fierceness rings true to how she approaches her projects. Known for her appreciation of luxury, Teneille’s love for the shiny late 90’s and early 2000’s era has played a very integral role in shaping her visual style. Crediting music videos as the moving pictures and sounds that have inspired her approach. A purist for minimal and modern styling, Teneille’s technique is to create simple but string elements that forces you to live in your emotion. She often gravitates towards distinct details in texture and contrast highlighting the natural balance between light and dark. Conceptually inspired by Alexander McQueen’s powerful talent to integrate tradition, rebellion and romance, Teneille is deeply charged to create from a place where there are no rules or limitations. What lies behind an artist’s intention is ultimately what engages their audience. Her work continues to serve as a benchmark that displays her personal evolution. Her determination to ascend her talents was triggered by two near death experiences that impacted her so deeply, her only mission became to “live in her gift and do God’s work". It became apparent to Teneille that her artistry and relentless work ethic would stake a claim for success in her present and near future.

As the Digital Art Director at ESSENCE Magazine, Teneille is able to create innovative visual user experiences viewed by millions. 

As for the future, Teneille channels her astute eye towards creating a better representation of the people who are misrepresented. In doing so, she flawlessly crafts a repertoire that serves as a visual memoir.

Author, Patrice Floy